Wild 'N Out with Nick Cannon

Urban Houston Network recently had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Nick Cannon behind the scenes of his current Wild 'N Out Live tour. Over the years, we have seen Nick Cannon grace our screens in a variety of works such as All That, The Nick Cannon Show, Drumline, and the long-running MTV series Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out. Widely known and recognized for his work as an entertainer, UHN wanted to shift the focus towards his incredible success as a businessman. Check out what he had to say as he outlined entrepreneurship and the business of being Nick Cannon.


"We know about you as an entertainer, Wild 'N Out, The Nick Cannon Show, all the movies, but what separates Nick Cannon the entertainer from Nick Cannon the businessman?"

Nick Cannon:

"It's funny because I created a term called the 'entrepretainer'. It's two in the same. This is a business, even [though] much of it is entertainment and being in front of the camera, it takes just as much work, if not more work or effort, to maintain a brand behind the camera. That was always my first interest, to be a producer, or a writer, or a businessman, and I think that's just in my DNA to conduct business and create platforms. I feel like, unlike others, I'm pretty much who I am. The guy you see in front of the camera is the same type of businessman, it's probably not as silly, I get to be silly and youthful in front of the camera, but it's kind of no nonsense when it comes to business behind the camera."


"You created Wild 'N Out, you produce Wild 'N Out, you host Wild 'N Out. You have so many different roles within the machine of Wild 'N Out. How do you run the course of all of that? How does that not collide?"

Nick Cannon:

" It all seems like it's one job to me. It used to be this thing ' oh he does so many things', but I feel like everybody does a bunch of stuff now. It's not like it's a phenomenon anymore. Even going back even further to the greats, from [people like] the Quincy Joneses, the Sammy Davis Jr.s, they had to do it all too. I just kinda take a page out of their book, you've got to be an all-around 'entrepretainer'. You've got to be somebody who can be a businessman and an entertainer at the same time."


"What would you recommend for other artists that create content, have content, but don't know the next business steps to take to get their work out there?"

Nick Cannon

" Turn your computer on! This is the most amazing time in entertainment because it's not about who you know, it's about just being the best you [that] you can be and producing the best product. When you create greatness, they'll come looking for you. You don't have to seek out because the platforms are there, you get enough hits online, people are going to wonder in those offices, 'who is this, what is this movement that they're creating?'. I used to always tell people, ' get hot in your city first and then take over the world' . That's when you get the grassroots of people to support you genuinely and authentically, [ and] it goes on forever. That's what you can do online now, it's not even about your city, just create your own fan base, do something different, and then everyone else will come flocking to you."


" Do you feel, 100% feel, that you have reached your self-actualization stage in life? Have you made it to the top of the pyramid?"

Nick Cannon

" Absolutely not. I think it's a constant journey. I feel like I'm just getting started, there's so much stuff that I want to do, and that I have to do. I appreciate the compliments and accolades, but I'm hungry constantly, in a vigorous way. I can't wait to ultimately fulfill that, but I feel like I am decades away from that."

Urban Houston Network also had the chance to experience Wild 'N Out live. Cannon, as well as other great cast members of the popular improv series took to the stage at Houston's Toyota Center. Congratulations on putting on an amazing show for the people of Houston. Tears from laughter were definitely shed that night!

Urban Houston Network would like to send a special thank you to Nick Cannon and his entire team for their time and effort. We wish you all continued blessings on the remainder of the tour!

From left to right: Carla Warren, Nick Cannon, Mahalia Dickerson.


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