Tyler Perry Seeks Justice for Families of Missing Men.

Tyler Perry with mother of Terrance Williams and her legal counsel.

Tyler Perry has announced his efforts to seek justice for the families of Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos. The two Florida men went missing around the same time almost 15 years ago. In that time, no one has been held accountable for their disappearances, not even the man that is known to be the last person to see them alive.

Missing persons poster for Williams and Santos.

October 14, 2003 and January 12, 2004 are days that will haunt the memories of the families of Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos for many moons to come. Both of the missing men were last seen by former Collier County, Florida deputy, Steven Calkins. According to Calkins, both of the men were released from his custody and dropped off at local gas stations on the dates in question. The only issue is, no one has seen either of them since.

Tyler Perry and Marcia Williams.

Since their disappearances, there has been no effort by former deputy Calkins to cooperate with law enforcement on these cases. Even though he refused to cooperate, he has never been charged with a crime. A few months shy of the 15th anniversary of Williams's disappearance, Tyler Perry has joined Williams's mother, Marcia Williams, in the search for answers. Tyler Perry has offered up a $200,000 reward for anyone with any credible information about the whereabouts of Williams and Santos. Marcia Williams is moving forward with a civil lawsuit for the wrongful death of her son, and during those proceedings, she is expecting to receive the answers that have been withheld from her for so long. We wish Mrs. Williams the best on her quest for justice, and we salute Mr. Perry for his selfless efforts to bring closure and peace to two families that have been stricken with grief.


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