Everything is Love

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Beyonce' an Jay-Z pose in front of the famous Mona Lisa painting located at the Louvre in Paris, France.

Beyonce' and Jay-Z have recently joined musical forces to give fans a full length studio album. The project was simply titled Everything is Love. The superstar couple has frequently made headlines in recent years due to speculation surrounding their relationship, therefore it is highly likely that the title is a subtle clue to the current state of their marriage. Regardless of why and how the album came to be, fans and critics worldwide have been buzzing about the Carters' new collaborative project. You may be wondering why the album has garnered so much attention... continue reading to get the full scoop!

There has been a series of events that have led the public to speculate about the marriage of two of entertainment's most powerful figures. Back in 2014, a video of Solange Knowles engaging in a physical altercation with Jay-Z inside an elevator at the Met Gala surfaced. The video went viral and sent the media into a frenzy. Although it was never proven, most sources believe the altercation was a result of Solange being fed up with her brother-in-laws infidelity. In 2016, Beyonce' released Lemonade, a visual album that chronicled the journey and recovery of a woman who has been betrayed

by her lover. Following the release of Lemonade, rumors began to resurface about whether or not the Carters were having trouble within their marriage. Tracks on the album such as "Hold Up", "Sorry", and "Sandcastles" gave off the impression that the couple had been dealing with serious marital issues. The poetry written by Warsan Shire that was featured throughout the visual album only added fuel to the fire for these claims.

The following year, Jay-Z released his 13th studio album 4:44. Jay-Z has stated that the album's title track "4:44" was inspired by him waking up at exactly 4:44 A.M. to write the song. The title track of the album is an uncensored and apologetic open letter to Beyonce'. On the record, Jay-Z expresses his deep sorrow and regret for his mishaps over the years. He opens the song by saying "I apologize, often womanize, [it] took for my child to be born [to] see through a woman's eyes". 4:44 answered the question that was burning in the back of so many people's minds. Had he betrayed the trust of his wife? The answer

was yes.

Everything is Love album cover

This summer, while on tour together, Beyonce' and Jay-Z surprised fans by unexpectedly dropping their first joint album. The album has 9 tracks and is under 40 minutes, but the short length of the project did not stop the two from addressing a multitude of topics. "713" and "FRIENDS" are two tracks on the album that stand out immediately. Both songs are jam-packed with lyrics that unveil truths about the duo that have been mysteries to public for quite some time.

With rumors of extramarital affairs and possible divorce, a shocking elevator brawl, two revealing solo albums, a highly publicized pregnancy, and a joint world tour, there is no wonder why this album has wrangled in the attention of fans and critics alike. The Carters have successfully managed to turn atrocities into art. They have delivered hit after hit, both as a team and as solo artists since the late 1990's, and they show no signs of slowing up any time soon. So grab your headphones and plug into the Carters' new album to understand exactly why Everything is Love.


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