Balling on a Budget: Thrifting 101

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Thrifting is the art of balling on a budget! Whether you need a fit that you know no one else will have on, or a lamp that reminds you of grandma’s house, a thrift store is the place to be. Below are five tips that you must to know before planning your trip to budget land. Enjoy!

1. Think Fast

This is definitely not the place to wander around aimlessly. You most certainly have to get what you want while you can. The shoppers that frequent these stores are not only thrifty, they also act swiftly. Remember this tip and do not be afraid to be aggressive in your approach.

2. Color Sorted Stores Save Lives

Nothing beats the feeling of walking into a thrift store that is organized by color! If you ever find yourself in a situation where color coordination matters, you may begin to panic. However, it quickly subsides when you remember that your go to thrift store not only has trendy clothes, but is also

organized by color.

3. Know What You Want

It is mandatory that you go in with an idea of what you want to purchase. Going solely with the intent to just "look around" is a set-up for failure, and it is especially dangerous for the hoarders amongst us. Having no clue on what to get can have you walking out with your fifth couch and ten pairs of highwaisted jeans, so always be mindful of the reason why you are there.

4. Check. Check. Check.

Once you find that perfect item, it is now time to give it the ultimate inspection.

You must check for holes, missing buttons, and thread tears. Also check for stains, alterations, and unpleasant smells. If you give each item this mandatory inspection you will save yourself a lot of trouble. Heed this warning, because once you leave a thrift store, there is no such thing as a “return”.

5. Keep Up With Your Tab

This tip goes hand in hand with why you should go in knowing what you want. Picture this, you’re walking around amazed by all the beyond affordable prices, so you decide to completely fill up your basket. You are now at the counter ready to swipe your card. The cashier then informs you that your total over the amount that you came in with, UH-OH!

You can feel the eyes of other shoppers on the back of your neck, so you reluctantly decide to utilize your overdraft protection. In that moment, the joy of thrifting has been snatched, and you vow to never go thrifting again!

To prevent this, it is best to come in with a budget.

Take note of these quick thrifting tips and keep them in mind on your next shopping trip!



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