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UHN TV’s large, online platform is a 24hour network that reaches over 1.2 million viewers that can be accessed on any computer or mobile device via the web.

Corporate and political sponsorships are available for those entities who want to have their respective brands promoted in front of an ever-growing audience that is largely made up of Millennials, Gen Y, and Gen Xers. UHN TV maintains an audience with a significant amount of spending power.

Below is an overview of that services and concepts that are available for your product, services, or brand.


UHN TV has many shows that are platforms to discuss news, current events, and political events and campaigns. We are available to conduct interview in-studio or on location. If you have a concept or campaign that you would like to promote or discuss with the UHN TV team, give us a call at 823-433-7880 to make a guest appearance on one of our programs.

Special Events

Seasons move quickly, so we are able to provide a digital platform to assist you with your event or brand, no matter the quarter. UHN TV is committed to promoting the success of local, small businesses, and individuals, who want to reach a diverse community that have been historically underutilized and disenfranchised. We have a list of programs that are available for advertising, from The Candidate for political campaigns, Auto Watch for major and local car dealerships, Trendy Hair for our local beauty and barbershops, Taste of Houston for our local restaurants, Director’s Cut for local and movie directors and producers, Grove Music (which plays gospel music videos from 5-10 am, R&B from 10-2 pm, and slow jams from 10 pm to 2 am), along with a news broadcast. UHN TV is also available to promote seasonal community initiatives.

UHN TV can assist your business, company, or candidate with an array of media advertising needs. Our packages consists of proven, multi-layered marketing designed to propel your brand by increasing brand awareness and traffic flow.

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